In each bottle

Our vision of life is optimistic and joyful, where people feel free to indulge in essential pleasures, and a more relaxed sense of luxury is brought to the world of Champagne.

Our range of vineyard terroirs, the focus on Chardonnay in our blends and the extended ageing of our wines encapsulate a unique and contemporary style : fresh, graceful, refined.

The excellence of our expertise is designed to support our free-spirited approach and joyful, colourful vision of life.

Our mission is to turn those small everyday pleasures into special occasions... ones that spark emotion and can be shared with others!

A young Champagne House with a more modern and relaxed approach to champagne; making small moments in life special : leaving the ordinary to add a little joy to life.

Our Story

1964: The birth of Champagne JACQUART, Fame mounted on Pegasus becomes our emblem.
1968: The purchase of 6, Rue de Mars: The Mosaics of Reims.
1983: The launch of the 1st Blanc de Blancs Vintage (1978)
1992: The launch of the Mosaïque range
2009: The move to Hôtel de Brimont
2011: The arrival of Floriane Eznack as cellar master
2013: The launch of the Alpha label
2017: The launch of the Alpha Rosé label

A mosaic of chalk, vineyards and talents that combines to shape our history day after day.

Quintessential sense of place

The vineyards selected for Champagne JACQUART now cover a mosaic of more than 60 growths among the 150 vinified every year. They are carefully nurtured by our partner winegrowers.

Each one adds its own aromatic nuance and texture to the richness and complexity of our Champagnes.

The choice of our vineyards and wines is guided by our knowledge of the terroirs best suited to the JACQUART style.

Greater focus on sustainable winegrowing

Close relationships are developed and nurtured on a daily basis with our partner growers based on trust and long-term commitment.
A dedicated department of technicians and engineers was created 15 years ago by each co-operative winery in the group to raise awareness amongst our winegrowers and provide advice, with the aim of improving vineyard management techniques and maximising the quality of the grapes.
Numerous initiatives have been rolled out:
- Encouraging alternatives to agro-chemicals
- Taking part in the Magister network to monitor the development of the vines
- Environmental certification (ISO 14 001)
- 20% of vineyard area certified as sustainable in 2017


“We only use sustainable vineyard management techniques: no insecticides or acaricides, introduction of hedges and flowers on uncultivated land to promote biodiversity.
We only use organic amendments. The courses and meetings we regularly attend help us implement and share ideas stemming from our observations about the industry and its changes. Ever attentive to our environment, we are very attached to the quality of our products. ”