Throughout the whole of December 2023, at nightfall the façade of the Hôtel de Brimont was transformed into a fascinating museum in motion, changing with the projection of 16 works by artists who very skilfully and boldly took ownership of every recess of the mansion’s walls. The very colourful, textured screening is part of Champagne Jacquart’s policy of promoting the Champagne region and its local artistry. This strategy has been a driving force for several years, with the company showcasing talented artists and artisans to the general public.

The talented artists taking part in this artistic happening were:
- LGM-1 : Le Clos Hiver et Reims Vie
- Anaëlle Rambaud : Combattant Singulier et Fushia
- Manon Painteaux : Run Floral et Four
- Delphine Gatinois : Parasol et Buffet
- Miri Felix : Isabela et Eden
- Dans les Dents : La Maison Magique et Magic World
- Chloé Weinfeld : Ville Etoilée et Maisons
- Elodie Flavenot : Balance of Life et This is Love
All set to music by Reims-based DJ Yuksek.