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Room 1964 and Twist & Chic.

Each ingredient has been painstakingly selected and added in very precise proportions so that they meld perfectly with Mosaïque Brut. As the house’s flagship label, with Brut dosage, it has been the inspiration for these recipes.The Chardonnay-dominant blend offers up substantial freshness and great minerality, making it ideal for delivering a range of aperitif-style cocktails that are fresh, flowery and bright.

The new creations are the work of two talented people – Joëlle Weiss, Champagne Jacquart’s winemaker; and Julien Defrance, the founder of Likidostyle, a mixology-centric ‘think tank’. The collaboration has produced two daring recipes that fully illustrate the diversity of Mosaïque Brut.
“Cocktails enhance the Champagne Jacquart experience because we treat the quality of each ingredient with care and blend our finest products with other finest products”. Joëlle Weiss

Champagne Jacquart, the new-generation Champagne has some suggestions for subtle combinations that will bring a sparkle to your aperitifs, barbecues and al fresco dinners.