By creating a shell of scales, the remnants of an imaginary hybrid animal, the artists have aimed to depict a testimonial of evolution, a trace of the transformations over time which also offers the prospect of a better world, a resurgence – one that shows more care for the environment. The artwork also examines the need to let time take its course, guided by the benevolence of nature which calls for humility.

This highly meaningful work of art, originally created for the Vign’art festival, is a part of Champagne Jacquart’s CSR strategy, developed in collaboration with the Chair of Social and Solidarity-Based Economics at Reims University since 2020. The strategy has led the company to increase its regional initiatives. This year, through its partnership with the city of Reims’ creative landscape – La Fileuse – Champagne Jacquart has selected this particular work of art as a way of providing support for local art and culture.